Album Cover
A Light Cut Through the Void
Released: Dec 21, 2013
Label: Self-Produced
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Album Cover
Tale Untold
Released: Nov 25, 2011
Label: Self produced
TALE UNTOLD, the debut full-length album of epic metal band Adavant, is an unprecedented explosion of intense and melodic metal set to the backdrop of the tale of an unsung hero from the forgotten pages of history. While often maintaining a heavy death and thrash influenced style that vividly replicates the intensity of battle, turmoil and conflict, the album regularly takes sharp dynamic turns towards fun and light-hearted drinking hymns, as well as moving symphonic ballads. As the tale unfolds and the moods and themes accordingly conform, the band shows versatility and precision in musical story-telling, as well as drawing their listeners in with their engaging, unique, and often theatrical style of metal. With songs ranging from driving battle themes to upbeat beer ballads, fans of epic, symphonic, and folk metal will find themselves regularly alternating between their sword and tankard, while staying constantly engaged by the quality musicianship and infectious melodies that TALE UNTOLD has to offer.


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